Results of the Project:

R1.1  A methodological guide common to the 3 regions
R1.2  3 Regional strategic action plans
R1.3  6 job descriptions and associated bachelor and master degrees
R2.1  135 Trained Higher Education Curriculum Renovators
R2.2  22 teachers prepared in European Union
R2.3  Programs and subjects of the bachelor and master, and new standards
R2.4  3 poles of excellence in hospitality management
R2.5  Vocational Guidance and Employability
R3.1  200 Students trained in each of the 3 regions
R3.2  Action plan for sustainability
R3.3  Continuous Training and Oenology transversal module
R3.4  Subjects to be developed in enterprise context
R3.5  Mobility and 3 qualifications (double or joint degrees)
R4.1  Supports – Events – Dissemination Methodology
R5.1  Quality Plan and its development
R6.1  Steering Committees -Procedures – Measures and Management Tools