The joint project LMPH - Licence Masters professionnels en management des activités hôtelières pour le développement de l’industrie touristique en Géorgie, Azerbaïdjan et Moldavie is intended for the modernization of the higher education and training hospitality programmes (with a regional priority concerning Tourism, but as well with two larger national priorities regarding Commerce in Azerbaijan and Georgia and the Business world in Moldova) through the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), the three-cycle system and the acknowledgement of diplomas.

The project intends to contribute, within the partner countries, to the development of modern tourism, with strong ecological, social and economic demands, through the training of human resources capable of conceiving, conducting, and valuing, commercializing and exploring hospitality projects adapted to each context.

The renewal of the syllabus in hospitality will be done through the mobilization of the universities, the ministries of education, tourism, hospitality structures, student associations, professional organizations in hospitality, all of these according to the competence approach (diagnosis of needs, redaction of job descriptions, specification of the expected professional skills, and subsequent elaboration of syllabus and training contents and pedagogical resources).

The expected results are the following: 3 regional strategic action plans; a  methodological guide shared by the three regions; 120 graduate analysts;  135 graduate course cycles’ renovators; 27 teachers with international specialization in Hospitality  Management; 6 professional profiles descriptions; 3 bachelor degrees and 6 new masters, as well as their respective syllabuses, curricular contents and pedagogical resources; 3 poles of excellence/ resources centres for the management of hospitality activities; 600 graduate students; 3 double or joint diplomas; relocation of some contents, including them in the training at the workplace; a sector-based plan of action for the future.