Number of the deliverable Title Type or nature of the product/result Language(s) Dissemination level
1.1 A methodological guide common to the 3 regions Methodology RU, AZ, MO, FR International
1.2 3 Regional strategic action plans Other products  FR, MO, AZ International
1.3 6 job descriptions and associated bachelor and master Other products RU, FR, MO, AZ International
2.1 135 Trained Higher Education Curriculum Renovators Training RU, FR, MO, AZ Regional/local
2.2 27 teachers prepared in European Union Training RU, FR, MO, AZ International
2.3 Programs and subjects of the bachelor and masters Training material FR, AZ, MO International
2.4 3 poles of excellence in hospitality management Other products  MO, AZ Regional/local
2.5 Vocational Guidance and Employability Training RU, FR Regional/local
3.1 200 Students trained in each of the 3 regions Training FR,  MO, AZ Regional/local
3.2 Action plan for sustainability Methodology MO, AZ Regional/local
3.3 Continuous Training and Oenology transversal module Training material FR, MO, AZ Regional/local
3.4 Subjects to be developed in enterprise context Other products MO, AZ, FR Regional/local
3.5 Mobility and 3 qualifications (double or joint degrees) Other products FR, AZ, MO International
4.1 Supports - Events – Dissemination Methodology Events : conferences and seminars RU, MO, AZ Regional/local
5.1 Quality Plan and its development Other products RU, FR,  MO, AZ Regional/local
6.1 Steering Committees -Procedures – Measures and Management Tools Other products RU, FR International